Pre or Hero

IMG_0570I knew I shouldn’t have used the Hero over the weekend. It has left me in two minds over whether I prefer the Pre. As is typical with these type of things both have their pros and cons. I prefer the keyboard on the Pre as I find the Hero on screen keypad to be fiddly. I seem to have trouble hitting the space bar properly and end up having loads of words joined together. The iPhone keyboard really is much easier to use…….It also struggles to keep up with my typing speed (not especially quick) and I find myself having to really press keys hard and slow down a bit. Annoying.

Still it is a lot more solid feeling than the Pre and I find the wobble on the latter a bit off putting. Guess I’m just used to hefty solid non slider phones? Either way these are two first class phones and both are easy and nice to use and are both low maintence. When I look back to my doomed Windows Mobile experience and compare how manageable the Pre and Hero are in comparison it is frightening. No doubt WM devices are less troublesome now but I have no inclination to find out just how much so.

I had some real probs with the Pre today as the battery was dropping way too quickly even with the extended Seido battery in it. Turns out the Stocks app I have installed was set to check (not by me) every 10 seconds. I had set it manually myself at the end of the week to check only when the app was opened so Lord knows what happened there. Even so, after that was rectified it still seemed to be dropping too quickly. It went from fully charged this morning to about 20% by 7.30pm and that was on minimal use. I’ll need to fully charge it again tonight and see how it gets on tomorrow. I did install some “patches” at the end of last week via PreWare, some are genuinely useful, and I can’t imagine that any of those are causing the sudden battery problems as none need internet connection.


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