Palm Pre…a niggle or two (for me anyway)

You only find out these sort of things after you have been using a phone for a bit….Podcasting is important to me as I often walk in and walk back from work, a half hour walk each way, and I pass the time by catching up on podcasts I have downloaded. I am using a free application on the Pre at the moment which I mentioned before as it is good, DrPodder, and downloaded on wifi (very slowly) some stuff to try out on the Pre for the first time. I was surprised (nay disappointed) to find out that the volume limit seems set a bit low on the Pre. I had it up the full way and it was listenable but not as loud as I would have liked to make it easily hearable above the passing morning rush hour traffic. Ah well……I suppose there could be a software fix for that or is that just wishful thinking? Either way it is a blow. I suppose I could always just use my iPhone for podcast stuff again and that would solve the problem.

Another minor niggle is in the area of notifications, an area in which the Hero is very good. The Pre however is not quite so hot with only one sound to pick, actually you can’t pick any as it is just foisted on you, and no way to differentiate between SMS and email or Twitter alerts. There is an app on the HomeBrew collection via PreWare patches that claims to allow you to load on more sounds and pick different alerts for email so I will give that a try. The current Pre notification is just a bit….flat…. and sounds like it was recorded in someone’s toilet. And another thing, I can’t get my Twitter app, Tweed, to alert me of messages whereas the Android app, TwitDroid, works like a champ.

I still can’t decide which of the Pre or HTC Hero I like better, the Hero is certainly better for podcasts as it downloads episodes quickly and the volume is more than adequate so on that basis I should use it but the Pre is very likeable and the RSS application (the only one at the moment available) is better than the many I have tried on the Hero. Makes me think that there is more chance of even better apps for RSS appearing on the Palm OS platform than Android. The free MarkSpace FliqTasks is also good, it is better than anything I have tried on Android as yet because tasks can be added quickly, very quickly in fact. In addition, the weather app for the Pre that I use, the free Accuweather, is excellent and knocks the pants off any Android equivalent providing as it does hourly and longer range forecasts.

I’m not sure I’m going to bother trying out the Classic application  for the Pre as I am still running with the Sony TH55 Palm pda. Besides, reviews of it have been a bit spotty.


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