Pre Accessories, battery power and the HTC Hero

How nice to be able to go into a High Street shop and have a gander at accessories for a palm device in the UK. O2 have some stuff, cables, charger, case, touchstone charger and even if they are overpriced compared to online retailers at least you can see them first before ordering. I did however buy a Seido extended battery, 1350mAh compared to the stock 1150mAh, online as well as a retractable sync and charger cable. This one has two micro usb heads, one for computer sync and charge and one for usb wall and car charging…or so it says. Anyway, I ordered both on Monday night and they arrived from the US, I think, Thursday morning which is almost unbelievable. Mind you, that was “expediated” FedEx delivery which cost about £16 but all the same….

The battery is not hugely bigger but will provide an extra 20% almost of extra power. So far, with 3g switched off all the time, location services (which I never use) turned off but push GMail on I can get a day and a half out of it.  This typically includes 30 mins of calls a day, wifi on most of the evening but I would not say I have been punishing it useage wise. I also update stuff like Weather and Twitter manually. Factor in an hour or so a day listening to podcasts on my walk to and from work and that’s about it. I tend to be quite average use wise. Overall then I’d say that the Pre is on a par with the HTC Hero for staying power. Those of a power user disposition will need to charge on a daily basis and I’m not convinced that it would suffice for them. I always like to get one of these retractable cables as they “fold” up nice and small and don’t take up much space.

Coincidentally or not, all the other phones in the past that I have bought extended batteries for ended up being ones that I kept and used for a while…Treo 680 being the most notable….so perhaps my inner consciousness is trying to tell me something.

Doh…I only realised yesterday, despite posting the same last week, that here in the UK we cannot as yet buy apps on the device as another update is required to bring us up to speed. That’s why I couldn’t find the “paid” versions of a couple of apps I wanted to get. Not to worry, the demo versions are good enough for now. It will be in Palm’s interest to get us all in Europe buying apps so I wouldn’t think the update will be too long in coming.

The HTC Hero has been shoved back in its box since last Saturday. I often think the best way to decide between devices is to use one for a bit and then go back to the other. Quickly, you can decide if the other is hugely better or not. I intend to dig the Hero out over the weekend and give it a blast again to see how it compares. My initial thoughts at this moment is that the Hero is a nicer phone to use, what with all those handy buttons for navigating around, has a better screen but the Pre is a nicer form factor, for me, and although apps are severely limited at the moment on it, those that are available are of a better standard than under Android. In addition, the camera on the Pre, despite being 3.2 mega -pixel compared to 5 on the Hero, takes better pictures and has a flash. Still, it’s a tough call between the two.


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