FliqTasks and FliqNotes for the Pre

sync-palm-pre-mac-itunesGood news for me as a Missing Sync for Pre user as Markspace have made their FliqNotes and Tasks apps available for the Pre. These two apps are also available, I think, for the iPhone. The best thing about it, apart from the fact they are both free, is that they promise to introduce syncing from the desktop for both Windows and Mac users direct with the Pre apps. I downloaded the Pre app yesterday and it has a very nice interface. Looks like my search for a Tasks app for the Pre is over already and if I can enter stuff via the Mac and just wifi sync it across then all the better. Tasks can be viewed by Name, Date, Priority and Category for example and the app is better than anything I tried out on the Android platform.

I’ve not had to spend a penny yet on Pre device apps. I will do a mini review of the Missing Sync desktop app shortly but first impressions are good. Strangely though when I downloaded the Tasks app off the Pre device catalogue it claimed I was the first person to have downloaded it which I very much doubt.

An oddity so far is that I have demoed a couple of apps which have limited features as they are trials, the app itself tells you that and one or two have claimed that the full version is already available on the App Store when they’re plainly not…not yet anyway.


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