BlackBerry 9700 something..


Shaun is struggling to contain his excitement here and who can blame him, as a die-hard BB fanboy, as he lets us know about the forthcoming new BB. It misses almost nothing in the specs department says young Shaun, well nothing except a touchscreen which some might consider fairly important. Anyway, hope the op goes well Shaun….

I had to laugh at the chaps on the last but one PalmCast as they called the BB “pager” phones which is of course how they started off. I must say though it does look like a very nice device, form factor wise. RIM produce some lovely looking stuff, much better looking in my view than phones from HTC and the like but I don’t fancy going back to that platform at the moment. I still think the BlackBerry OS needs a major useability update and don’t get me started on the email situation…..


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