MacBooks updated….unibody white model now available

MacBook – Apple Store (U.K.).

Poor Statto has a dilemna over whether to buy a MacBook or go back to Windows and get Windows 7 installed. Tough call but I suspect he is leaning towards the Windows option at present. Just to complicate matters further, Apple has issued revised MacBook models and the unloved white one now comes in a unibody. It is difficult to describe the  benefit of a unibody laptop without actually holding one and having a jolly good fondle. Basically, they are virtually creak free and feel really solid. My 18 month old MacBook Pro feels pretty solid but these unibody models are in a different league.

On the subject of switching from Windows to Mac, it’s a hard choice. I’ve never been faced with it as my first home computer was a bondi blue imac back in 1999. I spent ages myself researching computers and all I was looking at were Windows machines but I found the choice baffling. A friend suggested I look at the new iMacs and I did and the rest is history. I don’t know if macs are better than Microsoft’s finest as I’ve never had the benefit of using a top specced new Windows PC, all I’ve had are 5 year old Dell laptops at work and if that is representative of the competition then I’d prefer to keep using a Mac at home. I also couldn’t handle having to deal with all that virus stuff. My sister bought a new Aus laptop earlier this year and has been bemoaning how having to keep all the anti virus stuff up to date has noticeably slowed it down. Which is a real shame of course.

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