Why should I buy it?

Noticed this at the Telegraph website comparing the Bold 2, Pre and iPhone, firstly the iPhone…actually the point they make is a good one and is often overlooked, you do get frequent updates and new stuff every now and again which does add something.

Why should you buy it?: The iPhone is one of the most flexible devices on the market. The ability to download apps means you can transform it in to a portable games console, essential productivity tool, or creative computer-like tablet. Apple’s decision to regularly refresh and improve its operating system and enable extra functionality, means that you are, to all intents and purposes, getting a “new” phone every six months or so.

The Bold 2?

Why should you buy it?: The BlackBerry remains the best mobile email device on the market, and the Storm 2 looks to have satisfactorily married a touch-screen interface with that all-important productivity. It might be worth waiting a while before you buy this phone, though – let other people test out the new and improved SurePress technology before you lock yourself in to a lengthy phone contract.

I still disagree with the “best mobile email” device thing, in fact I would say that if you do a lot of email tidying up and organising on a mobile device then it is the worst mobile email tool. Just my opinion though…..

The Pre?

Why should you buy it?: Because the webOS operating system is a joy to use, and simplifies the increasingly complex tangle of social networks, online communications and myriad phone books. If you’re after a really good email device with a top-notch keyboard though, look us.

They are down big style though on the keyboard…what is the point in putting on a physical keyboard on a device, sacrificing other important things in the process and then making it basically pants to use? Palm, of all people, having made the wonderful Treo range with their great keyboards should know this better than most…..oh dear. Just thinking further about the Pre….the synergy thing, collating all that contact info, basically means zip all to me and if that is the best thing about it or one of its strongest features I should really be forgetting it.


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