Iiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt’s Pre Day

palm-pre-classic appsTomorrow anyway. So, who is getting one or heading down to an o2 store for a quick fondle? Moi? I will pop in over the weekend to see what it is like. Isn’t it amazing how these things creep up on you and all of a sudden, 10 months after the Palm Pre launch which I watched, it is here and available to buy. All that hype and initial longing, the pain of wanting it soooooo bad can all be quelled tomorrow. I had a dream about it last night, I was waiting outside the o2 store in Princes Street, Edinburgh and the store was full inside and I wasn’t sure whether there would be any left. It’s been haunting me all day, don’t know why. I can’t see there being a huge demand to the point of it being sold out first day but you never know. It just seems like since the January keynote thingy other people have come out with phones as good as or better than the Pre, HTC Hero have raised the Android stakes with the Hero, the iPhone 3GS has been out for months now and is no worse than the Pre, BlackBerry have stood a bit still whilst Windows Mobile have wowed consumers with the revolutionary 6.5 update now appearing on new sets (joke).

Talking of WM 6.5, I was listening as ever to the latest MobileTech podcast and they were giving the 6.5 update a bit of a slating. It is unusual for them to be so vocal about its shortcomings, they are tactful chaps but seem genuinely taken aback by how little the update has improved useability. Well worth a listen. What the heck has Microsoft been doing? Here is a huge company with plenty of dosh, huge resources and it took them months and months to come out with an update that is barely noticeable. They have been in a position of strength in the marketplace but are now seeing their market share being eroded basically down to the fact the o/s has been stagnant for a period of time whilst everybody has gone back to the drawing board and reinvented the way that a smartphone should be used by a consumer. Someone needs to tell them that the stylus is all a bit mid 2000-ish now. Talk about missing the boat….WM7 is going to have to be pretty spectacular if they are going to have any chance of getting back on the pitch from the subs bench.

I keep thinking that I want a Pre, it is itching and nagging away at my insides. I fear a large part of that longing is just gadget lust and a misplaced sense of loyalty to Palm. Thing is, why should I support them now out of blind loyalty when they abandoned all us loyal Palm users a good few years ago…of course I could head over to o2, play with the Pre and find that is way better than the Hero or the iPhone and if so then it would be a sensible purchase but how likely is that?


One Response to “Iiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt’s Pre Day”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    Hi Murray
    Your last paragraph echos my own thoughts and indecision exactly.
    Please do all of us starved Palm enthusiasts here in SA a favour and tootle off down to Princes Street, give the Pre a good old fondle and let us have the benefit of your considered opinion.
    Particularly with regard to the “loose” slider, the “sharp” bottom edge and the “cheap and nasty” build quality we keep reading about.
    In return, I would like to have offered you photos taken maybe with a Pre, at the World Cup next year, of the Scotland team, but…
    John in SA

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