Sony Clie TH55 and Palm apps

missing syncSo, as threatened I fired up the TH55, did a hard reset and reinstalled everything. I’m not sure why I thought the other pda’s I have recently bought would be any better than it, I think it must just have been a case of the dreaded gadget lust. The TH55 has fantastic battery life, better than any other PDA I have owned and another advantage over the TJ35 is that it has bluetooth. I have started using the Missing Sync for Palm at home again and managed to set up internet sharing via Bluetooth. Oddly, I tried this via USB first but had no joy connecting so had little expectation of any success when I started up the same via Bluetooth but it worked first time. This was a bonus. The TH55 also has wifi but I’m not going to use that as it uses WEP and my home newtork uses a different security protocol which I have no desire to change just to get wifi access on the TH55.

I mentioned at the weekend that I bought SmartList for Palm. My rational behind this was that I have a lot of important databases in existence, all originating on previous Palm devices, that I have migrated to various other smartphone and platforms over the last year or so. The problem here is that these databases were created in different applications and each time I bought a new phone, the Hero for example, I then had to try and find a way to migrate the info from one phone to the next. This has proved impossible on the Hero as there is no app good enough. What the heck I thought, I always use a Palm device, it is a constant in my gadget life so I am as well just maintaining those existing databases on the Palm platform and forgetting trying to continually move that data onto a new smartphone as it is a pain in the butt, difficult and time consuming.

There is a purity about a lot of these older Palm applications. They swop eye-candy graphics for sheer downright useability. They may look a bit dull compared to some of the iPhone and Hero apps I use but that is a price worth paying when they are so easy to use and feature laden. SmartList is a great bit of software that just works and does a great job, I don’t think there is a database type application available for the iPhone, certainly not for Android, that comes anywhere close to it. Another big advantage of the older Palm apps like this is that it is easy to get existing info into and out of it so it will never be trapped, databases can be created by importing existing csv and xls files and can be exported via the desktop software painlessly too.


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