Th and keybdThis is doing my head in at the moment. I keep changing from the Sony Clie to the Tungsten C to the Lifedrive and every time I do so, usually on a near daily basis I have to uninstall Palm desktop and then reinstall a different version for each device. The Clie needs specific drivers to work with Palm Desktop and they keep vanishing after uninstalls of Palm desktop, I thought they would have been seperate. I had some “issues” again with Docstogo on the Tungsten C and the Clie during all this pointless shifting as the newest version I have would vanish off the handheld to be replaced with an older version and then the old version would cause “fatal” exceptions/resets. So, I then had to start again from scratch with the desktop application and that seemed to sort things out.

At home, using Missing Sync for Palm, things were a bit iffy too. I could use the app’s “internet sharing” facility on the Clie to access the internet and I set that up too for the Tungsten C but it would connect okay but then download nothing and then time out. I’d forgotten all those Palm PDA oddities. The Lifedrive of course has wifi and uses the more modern connection/security so I can use my home network to access the internet so there is no usb connection method needed there. If I was being sensible I would just use it all the time as it has heaps of memory following my internal upgrading a few months back, a new battery, wifi and has been reset free to date but on the other hand the Tungsten C is very quick, has the keyboard, enough memory too and is not so chunky. I’m not sure the TJ35 Clie has anything that lifts it above the other two except a lovely slim form factor so if I was being sensible, it would not even get considered.

I need to make a final decision and one or possibly two may have to go on eBay. The TH55 is still lurking around and is lovely but has the most awful jog dial navigation set up and that makes it a pain at times. I might dig it out again, fire it up and give it a bash to see whether I could live with it again.


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