Palm Pre review | MacFormat

Palm Pre review | MacFormat.

Not exactly an exhaustive review but at least it gives a wee feel for the device. Reviews I have read have been mixed, one or two say it is great others a bit more reserved. I don’t like this repeating “sluggish” theme though as I can’t stand smartphones that make you wait and wait for something to happen. Plus, I’m not yet convinced about all this web stuff, I really don’t care a jot about having all my Facebook contacts on a phone…the further away the better. Facebook seems to have been taken over by the texting generation, posting screeds of tediously dull updates and their misguided belief that anybody else gives a monkeys about what they are up to on an hourly basis.

The hardware is imperfect, however. The keyboard – it slides out vertically; there’s no on-screen keyboard – feels cramped and it needs too much pressure to register keypresses. The lower lip is do-you-a-mischief sharp and the mechanism on which the phone slides open has too much wobble for our liking.


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