Tunsgten C update

Using an older palm based device is fun and satisfying. The C is quick, really zippy with no lag opening apps at all or zooming through the menus plus there is plenty memory to store all the apps you need in internal memory. I think I still prefer the smaller form factor and feel of the Sony TJ35 but the C has several advantages. The main one, and it is a whopper, being the keyboard text entry. I was never that proficient with Graffitti or the small onboard screen keyboard so being able to use the C’s keyboard makes entering info much easier for me. However, I don’t think personally that the ease of getting text into a device should be the deciding factor when choosing one, it’s handy certainly but not that decisive a factor anymore.

I have had problems with the C at home trying to get it to sync via Missing Sync for Palm. The first day or two it connected and synced first time but since then…nothing. This is a bit of a disaster for me as I do quite a bit of home Palming, so to speak and like to transfer stuff onto the sd card etc etc. Not being able to do this on the C is driving me back to the Sony. Oddly, of the three current Palm PDAs it is the least fully featured, has the poorest navigation but strangely is the most pleasing to use. No, I can’t explain it properly either and I suspect it is just down to its lovely form factor, build and looks. Plus, I really like the Sony portable keyboard, it is such a cool looking gadget….ahem. You have to see and hold the Sony TJ35 and keyboard to appreciate this!

The Tungsten C feels quite slabby and wide in comparison and all that extra plastic around the screen makes it look a bit odd and old school, the TJ35 looks quite sleek and modern in comparison.


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