Palm Pre syncs to iTunes again with webOS 1.2.1 | PDA-247

Palm Pre syncs to iTunes again with webOS 1.2.1 | PDA-247.

palm-pre-classic appsHere we go again with the rapidly getting silly and a bit tedious Palm v Apple syncing via iTunes. My view is that this just seems to sum up Palm these days, a little guy trying to be a smarty pants and not realising that there comes a point where you just have to let go. If they are so bloody clever as they made out when they launched the Pre, remember their digs at the iPhone, then surely it would barely tax their great collective intellect to come up with their own syncing solution.

I’ll let the chaps at jkontherun, who are always sagacious on these matter, sum it up;

I’m sure there are many happy Pre owners because of this, but I’m getting a little tired of it, personally. Palm should simply create their own sync method, license Apple’s or just bite the bullet and tell folks to hit the drop and drag method to move audio files in USB Mode. You may disagree on the situation, but to me, Palm is looking looking a little immature with this approach.

Of course, if I end up getting a Palm Pre I reserve the right to make a swift about turn. Actually, isn’t there a Missing Sync for Pre…why not licence that or try and look even sillier by hacking in there and annoy somebody else at the same time.


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