HTC Hero update

htc-heroOn Friday, I had another go at downloading and installing the updater. This time I downloaded it at work on the laptop as opposed to having previously downloaded on my MacBook at home and transferring it to an SD card. Easier said than done however owing to our work set-up. Basically we have two screens available, what we call the “blue” screen where we can do what we want, install apps etc but nothing is backed up and from where there is no internet access enabled and then the “grey” screen that is available when you log on via a Citrix server. PC people will know what that means, I, however don’t understand it. There is internet access enabled in the “grey’ screen but if you download anything it can’t be saved on the grey screen but instead has to be saved to the blue screen. Doing so takes ages.

Anyway, I downloaded the HTC updater via grey, all 101mb of it, and saved it to the blue screen which took an hour and 20 minutes. I then connected the Hero on the blue screen via HTC Sync, ensured it was actually connected and then fired up the updater. To my blessed relief it opened and thereafter the update was plain sailing. I have no idea why things suddenly worked. I failed previously and my tech-savy PC chum at work also failed and what is odd is that he downloaded the file himself as opposed to using the mac downloaded file I provided him with. Ah well, bottom line is who cares, at least it has now been updated.

Talking of bottom lines….I am so glad it has now been sorted as the Hero feels much more responsive when flicking through screens and quicker too. Getting things back to normal did not take long after either. My Gmail, Gcal and Google contacts were all synced back upon re-entering my password, some settings were quickly changed and the apps I had bought were re-downloaded via MarketPlace. Without really consciously having done it, I seem to be moving more stuff to the Cloud, as they say, as I also now use Remember The Milk. The advantage is being able to keep different devices in sync and not being tied to the computer for restores and stuff.

The MarketStore has a section called “My Downloads” which stores details of the apps downloaded, installed and purchased. It also remembers which ones you have paid for so there is no hassle about having to pay for them again. Like the iPhone, there are no “passwords” (another blessed relief) to have to record somewhere and keep track of. I had bought a backup application and had done a backup prior to updating the ROM but getting everything back to normal was so stress free I didn’t bother. Unlike the iPhone, you can restore from the device on the move which is a nice feeling.

I must admit that after the first few days with this HTC Hero I was unsure about it but since then I have warmed to it. There are things that it does better than the iPhone and vice-versa but more about that later this week.


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