Sprint HTC Hero Reviews

Sprint HTC Hero Review | Android Phone Fans.

htc-heroComprehensive review here of the HTC Hero US version but it gives you an idea of the strengths and weaknessess of the phone. The reviewer believes it to be far better than the Palm Pre as you would expect from an Android site. Our Euro version comes with the Jimmy Hill chin which you either like or don’t, moi, I am neither a big fan nor a big hater of it…it’s just there and doesn’t get in the way or cause any problems.

The chaps at jkontherun also show a video comparison of the Pre and Hero which is interesting, I’d imagine a few UK viewers are considering both devices. I certainly am. I did read somewhere recently that the UK Pre will not ship with the latest v1.2 firmware which may not seem that important  but in fact is as it means no official Palm application store on the device. It will take an o2/Palm update to get that feature and who knows how long that might take? I think that is poor show by Palm, the thought of being lumbered with a Pre with no official 3rd party apps is not appealing. Sure, it will come but having to rely on Palm and o2 to get their act together would be frustrating. If, of course, the rumour is true which it may well not be.

Android is gaining quite a chunk of momentum these days with more devices coming to the market and more announcements that other phone makers will be dipping their toes into the open-source water. My own experience to date has been good although I feel that a lot of the 3rd party apps lack the depth of equivalents on other platforms. I get by okay with most of them but there are some annoying gaps.


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