Docstogo and software prices…..Bonsai for Palm

I have spent so much on this application down the years it makes me nervy when I think about it. Of course, part of the reason is that it is a very good and very useful bit of software. Android comes with a stripped down QuickOffice that only allows for viewing of the main office files and pdf files. If you want the full monty then editing capabilities costs another $29.95 on top via Docstogo. Not cheap as it does not appear to come with any PC or mac syncing desktop application.

It got me thinking though. This morning I discovered that Docstogo has been updated on the iPhone and now finally includes Excel editing…hoorah, tis good news indeed. This update is free to those who purchased the original v1 early doors and is still  available now for only $9.99 which is jolly good value when you consider that it does come with a Mac syncing desktop application.

So, you spend $9.99 on the iPhone app and get all that editing functionality and desktop wifi syncing or you can spend $29.95 on the Android store and get…errr…..all that editing functionality and no desktop syncing. It’s all about supply and demand of course. In the iPhone store there is competition from the main Dataviz competitor, who had their product out first and who priced it under $10 (I think) when first released. To stay competitve, Dataviz had to launch with a similar price.

I digress and I’m not sure where this is going. The point is I have spent lord knows how much on the Palm version down the years, money on the iPhone version and Windows version too and I can’t hack the prospect of forking out another £20 for the Android version.

Talking of software prices, when Palm was numero uno and dominated the software sales prices for their stuff, in comparison to now, were steep. We just sort of expected and tolerated that as there was nothing else remotely as good for some time. In fact the prices for most software on Palm o/s are still steep… comparison to other platforms. Little or no account appears to have been taken of the fact that it is now very much no longer numero uno. I was trialling Bonsai on the Tungsten C today, first time I have ever used it and make no mistake, it is a great bit of software and still gets good upgrades but it does cost $37.95 with the admittedly very good desktop application for Windows. If it were available on the iPhone it would have to be a heck of a lot cheaper than that to survive though. I also dug out SplashNotes, still available for $29.95 and again it is a nice application.

I suppose the Pre and the “classic” emulator situation adds quite a bit. If I were to buy a Pre I would no doubt get a lot more use out of the likes of Bonsai and SplashNotes. Quite an appealing prospect methinks.


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