Syncing and Backups

palm-pre-classic appsThe Pre is only about 2 weeks away now for us lucky Palmsters in the UK. I was reading this post from jkontherun today and thought it worth mentioning. You’d expect the odd outage when all your stuff is up in the cloud but a complete hard reset situation when things go down? That’s a different matter.

When you buy a Pre the first thing you must do is create a Palm Profile account. This ties your online information with the phone, and the Pre must remain logged in to the Palm Profile server all the time. When the Profile server went down, even temporarily, many Pres were instantly logged out of the server. The phone then forces a “restart”, which in reality is a factory reset, and the phone is wiped.


Talking of backups and the like, the latest MacBreak Weekly podcast touches on this area. I always thought I was super clever as I use Time Machine on my mac and also a 3rd party backup programme. Problem is, as the chaps at the podcast pointed out, is that I backup to the same external hard drive which is kept more or less next to the MacBook Pro. If the laptop gets knicked then they will also probably take the Iomega HD next to it….ooops. Or, if the Iomega HD packs up then both backups are down the drain. They said the ideal situation is to backup to an external drive that is then kept somewhere else.

Back to the Pre to finish off. I’d forgotten that there is the “classic” environment available through MotionApps software to run your old Palm software. You never hear anyone talking about it do you? If it works with the likes of List Pro it could be “game on” for me as I can’t find anything remotely as good as ListPro for Android. Anyway, it looks like Bluetooth hotsyncing may be coming to the Pre which would be a bonus. Does all this make the Pre seem a bit more appealing? I reckon so. John, asked a good question a week or so ago regarding Palm…

Question for you – and I must confess I don’t really know the answer myself.

In this day and age is there any room for loyalty to a manufacturer and os that we were weaned on (in terms of pdas and smartphones obviously!!)?

You must think that an extremely high proportion of people who read the bigger gadget/phone/smartphone sites and even little tiddlers like mine must have used Palm os for a spell and some, like me, still do on a fairly regular basis. Are we excited about the Pre simply through our perceived loyalty to Palm or is it genuinely a great device?

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  1. Statto Says:

    Interesting thoughts.

    1) Palm loyalty. I don’t have loyalty per se, but I do remember with fondness the joy I had using various Palm devices. It’s not enough to make me rush out & buy a Pre, but when the time comes for my iPhone contract to end, I will be seeing what else is about (though nothing currently takes my fancy apart from a 3GS)

    2) Cloud storage. Great in principle. I too have an external HDD sat right next to my PC. It’s more likely that would be nicked than my PC to be honest. But the thought of uploading GBs of data to the cloud doesn’t fill me with glee – either for the time it would take, or the trust I would have to put in the people storing it. What happens if I keel over. What happens to it? Does it stay in the cloud forever? (Not that I’d care if I was brown bread)

  2. MotionApps Says:

    Where would you say “loyalty” stands compared to maybe “habit”, “comfort”? Meaning, how fast and easy (or slowly and not-so-easy) we transit from one phone and OS to another? What are the terms under which we do this?

    And would you think of Classic as a transitional tool in these terms, or maybe a (Palm OS) complement to webOS?

    (here’s to metaphysics of smartphone market;))

    Looking forward to your insight

  3. elbowz Says:

    I guess there’s a couple of reasons why I’m excited about the Pre, one is some semblance of loyalty to Palm (although the T|5 almost killed that) and some of it is rooting for the little guy… Recent reports about low sales, plus the poor take up of the app store suggest to me that the Pre is too little to late for Palm, but I’ll give it a go when it arrives in a couple of weeks. I’m leaning more towards Android ATM though…

    Cloud storage is good, but only as part of a layered backup approach. Hard disk, removable drive and cloud storage together make a good strategy…

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