Palm Tungsten C and W

Another look back at some older Palm PDAs and two slight oddities that I just happen to own. In fact, to confess, after I punted back that awful T3 last week I was back in the market for another money-wasting device and decided on a Tungsten C. I already have a Tungsten C, one I bought a while back but it has never worked properly. The keyboard on it is good so I just fancied another one.

The Tungsten W is an odd fellow, having as it does the capability of sticking in a SIM and having internet and phone access all the time. Mine is actually in very good condition, much better than the last Tungsten C. It is let down though by having a small processor, a 33MHz Dragonball effort and only 16mb of memory. The former results in noticeable lags when opening 3rd party software although you will have no trouble zipping between the Palm Datebook, Address and other native apps. The screen on mine is a bit flat looking and another drawback is the lack of Palm OS5 on it.

Strangely, the Tungsten C is almost exactly the same form factor, minus the early 2000’s style antenna, but runs v5.2 of the OS, has 64mb of memory of which 50 plus are available after a hard reset and it fair zips along thanks to the decent 400MHz Intel processor. It is like night and day the difference between it and the Tungsten W when opening applications. The C also has built in wifi but it is of the WEP password variety.

The one I have just bought off eBay, and which arrived over the weekend, is in fantastic condition with not a mark on it. My faith in eBay has been partly restored with this one. as it was described as being “mint” and it’s not far off it.  I don’t know if this is a better PDA than the Sony Clie TJ35 though. It is certainly bigger all round and not as solid feeling but the keyboard is actually quite good to use and the screen is a bit brighter looking. It also has more than double the amount of free memory over the Sony. Hopefully the battery life is okay.

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3 Responses to “Palm Tungsten C and W”

  1. David Ross Says:

    So with most wifi routers being not WEP how do you set it up to get online with the Wifi Murray. I have looked at these for using at home and the work has wifi but not sure if I have the know how to get passed this hurdle and get online.

    • palmmac Says:

      Good Q David….on my home wireless set up I can change the Airport security to WEP but I’m worried, probably without good cause, that it would knacker everything else which has been working fine since it was set up! I’m pretty sure most routers will let you change from WPA down to WEP if needed…?

  2. Austin Says:

    Buy a Centro! The best Palm OS PDA and phone. Got one off eBay for £50…

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