Orange signs iPhone deal with Apple

Orange signs iPhone deal with Apple | Technology |

orange_logo_headerI suppose more competition is good news for consumers, it’s just a pity that “competition” is coming from Orange, famous for their 1) “unlimited” data plans…well, unlimited up to a maximum of 500mb a month that is and 2) legendary appalling cross UK coverage and 3) irritating and unfunny cinema ads that promote their free cinema tickets campaign (has anybody actually ever got hold of those free tickets?) .

When I was with Orange their coverage in Edinburgh was dismal, they had a 25mb data plan for about £10 per month at a time when T-Mobile had their £7.50pm unlimited data plan on the go and trying to get through to them on the phone was near impossible. Personally, I wouldn’t go near them with a barge pole but would hope that Apple have slapped them about a bit and forced them to provide good data deals.

And here is another everyone-blaming-everyone-else-for not approving an app story with the usual suspects… transpires there is a happy ending though for the developer and customer.

At issue is the 0870 application written by Simon Maddox, which has been available on Google’s Android platform for, oh, about a year. But it had been sitting in Apple’s App Store approvals queue for, oh, about the same length of time. Why? No answers. Apple doesn’t do “answers” to explain delays; it barely does them for its rejections of apps.


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