Android Market for apps

One nice thing about the Android store is that after you buy an application you have 24 hours to cancel the transaction and get a refund. This is useful if there is no trial/demo version of the software you are interested in and makes purchasing a no-risk venture. I have bought a few things to test them out, found out they were not up to scratch and then sought a refund. It is easy to do….just go back to the Market, hit on the “My Downloads” tab, browse down to the application, open it up from there and then hit the “refund’ button. A minute or so later you get an email confirming the refund. All very straightforward.

To date I have bought and kept only about 4 bits of software, the two main ones being an RSS application and a weather app. I have however downloaded quite a few bits of stuff that is free and some widgets to plonk down on one of the home screens for quick access….stuff like wifi on/off widget, an “airplane” mode button and a great 2G/3G option widget. These widgets are quite useful and save ferreting around in the settings menu.


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