O2 to sell the Pre in the UK from 16th October

O2 to sell the Pre in the UK from 16th October | PDA-247.

Well well well, look who is finally coming out to play. I don’t know about this one at all anymore, a few months ago I was dead keen to get one but that urge has been tailing off since. What is there in Palm App Store, about 50 applications? Sure, there will be more coming out but it just seems to that at the start of the year there was going to be competition between Android and Web OS  and I saw it as a situation where whoever could get the most devices out the quickest and get the most developers on board (and apps out the door) would more or less win by default.

Android appears to have won that battle, loads and loads of software available now, good quality handsets in the stores locked and unlocked, more and more phones coming out and most importantly they have support from some of the biggest phone makers in the world via HTC/Samsung/Sony/Motorola. What does little Palm have? They’re like a mini Apple without the funds trying to take on the big boys but coming to the party 2 years too late when everyone else is already inside, tanked up on the booze and there’s nothing left to drink except a few half drunk cans of Bulmers.

I suppose their hope is that a lot of iPhone users will make the switch either now or when their 3G contracts finish. No doubt I will end up getting one but I should ask myself what the o/s offers over Android or the iPhone?

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One Response to “O2 to sell the Pre in the UK from 16th October”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    Hi Murray


    Question for you – and I must confess I don’t really know the answer myself.

    In this day and age is there any room for loyalty to a manufacturer and os that we were weaned on (in terms of pdas and smartphones obviously!!)?

    ‘Twill be interesting to see what you think

    Best regards.
    John in SA

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