Sony TJ and TH55

IMG_0549As I have been so pleased with the wee TJ35 I dug my TH55 out, charged it up and had a wee play around with it. My thinking was that as the TH55 has wifi and bluetooth and that bigger screen I might be tempted again to use it full time. However, after a few minutes playing with that ludicrously placed jog wheel (on the back of the device out of sight) I soon abandoned that idea. I was thinking about splashing out on a Tungsten C again but the TJ35 is so nice I will put that on hold too for a bit. As a special treat for the wee guy I have ordered up a case off ebay for it, tracking one down was not easy and there is not exactly a big choice. Even stalwarts like PDAHut have none.

The photo does not show the case but rather the flip black cover which shipped with the TJ35. It is fine for the job, slips on and off easily and provides decent protection for the screen during travelling but hey, I need to get a case for every pda I have owned, it’s tradition.

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  1. David Ross Says:

    Try the TH55 cradled for power and use the wifi connection and try out 2TwitMe in automatic mode to pull your Twitter updates. It can sit beside your Mac and be just for Twittering 😉

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