McGhee sounds warning to players

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Normal service has been resumed as we crash out to a mid table team from the league below us. Still, it is good to see consistency being continued after embarrassing ko’s in a similar vein from previous seasons.

Mark-McGhee-001Someone needs to get a grip at Aberdeen and the finger points up towards the Boardroom, a cold empty and desolate place if you can judge it on the complete lack of finance being afforded to current manager and Dons legend Mark McGhee. The usual platitudes have emanated of late about no money being about, having to rely on youth etc etc etc and Mark knew the situation when he arrived.

Jesus, have we any ambition anymore? What we do have, as our Chairman, is someone who is in the list of the UK’s top 100 wealthiest people yet he seems reluctant to flash the cash. We all know that his presence at the club has been important, heck it has been vital to be fair, as he has more or less been acting as guarantor for our near £10m debt. No-one is expecting him to suddenly provide the funds for a twin swoop for Wayne Rooney and Kaka but he needs to realise that the purse strings have to be loosened slightly to provide Mark with some additional money.

I think the fans should start boycotting matches until the Board show they have a bit of ambition and are willing, like the fans, to spend their hard earned cash on helping the club. Why should supporters keep forking out money, year in year out…they are showing their commitment to the cause and now it is time for the Board to do the same by speculating a little and taking a gamble. Don’t hold your breath though.

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One Response to “McGhee sounds warning to players”

  1. David Ross Says:

    So one of us need to win the lottery to have some spare cash to help out the Dons then Murray. But saying that Mr Milne would use it to reduce the debt rather than spend it on the team.
    Maybe we can get Joey Harper putting his boots back on instead of talking about it he can pop a few more in for us. 😉

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