HTC Hero is back

Back but still not updated unfortunately as my “tech” PC friend could not get the update done. he said it was coming up with a “driver missing” error. I don’t understand it as I downloaded all the stuff I was supposed to need off the HTC site? Anyway, I didn’t really miss it when it was away for those two nights as I just used the iPhone instead but now that it is back I will give it a real bash and try to lurrrve this thing.

I did manage to get the HTC Weather application working by turning off location services and adding “Edinburgh” manually. Now it seems to be fine. That is a bonus. Not so much a bonus is that I gave the guy at work the hero in my suedish iPhone case and when it came back today there are some darkish marks on the back of the case which I can’t get wiped off with just a cloth. This thing is mean to have a “teflon” coating on the back to repel marks…yeah right. Not a good start, less than a week in and there are some splodges on the white back already. Hopefully, I will be able to buy a replacement back cover at some point down the line and if so, it will not be another white one.

I had a good read through the manual today and found some useful info. Holding down the “home”button for a few seconds brings up a Palm like mini launcher showing the last 6 apps launched for quick access. Nice touch a la Treo 680. I also discovered this quite wonderful free SMS software called chompSMS which gives a very iPhone like SMS experience except with a lot more bells and whistles. Par example, you can add contact pics and change the font size. It’s a bit sad though me running back to an iPhone application but I suspect it won’t be the last time either. I tried out a new ToDo app called DoIt, thought it was actually quite decent and would have bought it except I already was using Remember The Milk on the iPhone (and paid for the Pro account) and the latter is available on Android too. It is good to keep things in sync. I can use RTM on the web, on the Hero and the iPhone and keep it all in sync. Useful for switching between gadgets.

Talking of useful syncing. before the Hero arrived I entered (and cleansed) my contacts into Google Contacts in preparation for the free syncing feature there. I also use GCal so that was set up automatically for me too. It is great, I have Gmail, GCal and GContacts all in sync via the web and feel quite pleased with myself.

So far then I have been quite impressed with the Hero and will keep using it over the next week, I’d just like to get that darn update sorted.


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