No T3 for me

Chaps, the T3 arrived yesterday.  This item was described as having no “marks or scratches” on the eBay listing but I was a bit suspicious when pulling it out of the box to find this very cheap looking and very badly applied screen protector on it. When I pulled it off I genuinely couldn’t believe the screen condition, it was appalling. There were two marks near the top, covering virtually the whole width of the screen, spaced about half a centimetre apart and about 2mm thick.

IMG_0547Below that were numerous other marks and splodges. I thought perhaps they might have just been residue from the screen protector but they wouldn’t wipe off. I couldn’t believe how bad it was and immediately fired off an email to the seller letting him know that I wasn’t happy. To his credit (if he is entitled to any after horribly misrepresenting the condition) he said he would refund the cost but tried to explain the screen mess as being “normal wear and tear” and that “in no way” did it affect useability. This was another little porky as when you tried to write on the screen, 2/3rds on the way up, the screen is so worn out you can’t ink on it. In the photo the marks look like writing but they are not, just huge blobby scratches.

Here is part of his initial response:

I very sorry to hear you’re not happy with the T3. Certainly there are marks on the screen, but this is from normal general use from the stylus and in no way do these marks impair the functionality of the screen, indeed when the power is on you can’t even notice the marks. I put a screen protector on it a while ago to help protect it as I used the T3 quite frequently.

Utter bullshit. The point I made to him was that I bid this T3 up to around £50 based upon his auction description. There was no mention there of the screen being scratched to buggery and had it been, I,  and the other bidders, would never have bid for it in the first place. I’ve attached a phot I took via the iPhone which does not really show the damage very well but those two bands at the top are the worst of the marks.

I have now sent it back and he is going to refund me the money. Compared to the Sony TJ35 which I purchased, which is in immacuate condition, this device was probably in the worst nick of any old PDA I have purchased off eBay!! I feel like a right diddy now especially after waxing lyrical last week about the delights of buying old gadgets off eBay for modest sums, seems like I was a bit off the mark again.

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One Response to “No T3 for me”

  1. John Bridges Says:

    Win some, lose some Murray – at least you’ll be getting your hard earned dough back – hopefully…
    Must agree with you though false representation really p….s me off, as well.
    Keep looking – I’m sure you”ll find another T3 shortly.
    John in SA.

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