Sony TJ35

What a funny little device this is. Battery life is okay so far and passed the “test’, that being it did not discharge horribly overnight but only dropped a couple of per cent which is tolerable and in my book means it is okay. I managed to get it sharing my home internet connection no problem and installed some apps. I only intend to use it for Calendar, Tasks, email back up via Snappermail (I just can’t let go) and ListPro (also can’t let go). List Pro is too good and I have too much info in there to abandon it just yet. In my view, there is still no other easy to use Database manager anywhere as good as it. I also installed FontSmoother as the choice of nice fonts makes a huge difference to the way any Palm device looks, and I mean a huge difference.

The Sony has a “hold” button which when you slide the off button to stops it accidentally turning on when it is in a bag for example. I’m not convinced the jog dial controls are the greatest, in some apps the controls don’t seen to work at all and you need to get the old fingers working. The T3 is due to arrive very soon too so it will be interesting to compare the two. I suspect, from what I have read online, that the T3 battery life will be a real downer in comparison to the Sony but that the bigger screen of the T3 may be the deciding factor. The T3 attracts more bids and higher selling prices on eBay too and that usually happens for a reason.

It’s odd but the Clie screen is much crisper looking yet not nearly as bright as the Lifedrive. It just looks like it is a higher-res than the Palm but isn’t. I do like the Sony pda though, it is such a nice size and feels really solid. I quickly reverted to the standard Palm launcher set up though as I find the Clie one way too fussy and hard to navigate through. The calendar is the standard one and not the fancy dan one on the TH55, no loss there as again it was a bit too clever for its own good methinks.

The test will come when I get the T3 up and running. I still suspect I will prefer it.

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2 Responses to “Sony TJ35”

  1. Paul Schofield Says:

    Murray, it’s great reading your adventures in retro-pda land. I too have an itch to buy Psion PDA’s, so far I haven’t scratched it yet.


    • palmmac Says:

      Thanks Paul
      Got a T3 arriving tomorrow and am more excited about it than the HTC Hero!

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