Comfort Zone

Still thinking about buying an Android phone and have been watching some youtube videos of the HTC Hero in action. It looks really really impressive but as I have mentioned before I don’t fancy the prospect of

  • having to learn a new o/s for scratch
  • having to start from scratch on the apps front either

It must be an age thing as they are both related and could be summarised as falling under the “comfort zone’ theory which my chum and I formulated a few years ago as we admitted defeat in a last futile attempt to deny advancing middle age. The comfort zone can be , on the face of it, a frightening prospect as it tends to indicate advancing years and unwillingness to change but when you take your first tentative step inside it a whole, exciting world of “comfort” awaits. Imagine it, no longer having to cram your expanding gut into “skinny” jeans just to look fashionable but instead luxuriate in the gall of walking straight over to the “comfort” fit jeans, picking up a pair of 36 inch waisters, slipping them on and wallowing in the ample room bestowed by picking a pair that actually fit. Mmmmmmmmm….feels good, non?

Well, for me, the same applies to smartphones. There I am with my comfy iPhone and LifeDrive (and now TJ35) using apps that are like old friends and yet the tantalising prospect of something new is lurking there, in the corner in the shape of the HTC Hero and Android. Imagine my delight then when after having perused a whole heap of Android software, I discover that some familiar friends are residing there too….Flixster Movies, Remember The Milk task manager, threaded SMS, GMail like on the web, the Photos app looks virtually the same as that on the iPhone, plenty Twitter clients and some more too.

I reckon I’m going to do it…and soon.


One Response to “Comfort Zone”

  1. Statto Says:

    At least you can still get into 36 waisters…I have to go up to 38, and with my short legs that’s not funny.

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