New phone in the offing methinks….Pre out next week

The Curve is up on eBay and looks like getting a decent price so in situations like that, a chaps thoughts turn to a new phone purchase. Well, mine do anyway. Of course, selling on ebay is a lottery and a place which at times seems to be populated by idiots and chancers. About an hour after I listed it the first chancer email arrived enquiring whether I would be willing to accept a “good price” of £70. Ohhhhhhh nooooo, I couldn’t accept that, it’s patently far too much…not. How do you respond to tits like that? They must think you are stupid. And of course, despite the auction stating very clearly that it is UK only, there is the steady stream of Eastern Europeans asking if I will post to Outer Mongolia/Bulgaria/Romania etc etc.

I have decided that I would like to try something new. I can’t stomach the prospect of struggling with another Symbian, WinMob or BlackBerry phone. None of them make it very easy for us mac users to enjoy the desktop experience that PC people take for granted so why the heck should any of them get my dosh? Nope, they can all take a running jump as I am going to go down the Android route this time and yes, I know there is no direct mac syncing either but neither is there a PC method so we are all starting from a level playing field. Question is of course, which Android phone to pick…the HTC Hero or the o2 Samsung jobby? I was leaning towards the Samsung one on the basis that its camera would be miles better but it seems this may not be the case judging by this review. They reckon the HTC is a clear winner…back to square one then or do I just ignore that review? The Hero has the nicer looking interface and is available now to buy unlocked so I could slip the o2 iPhone SIM in and I’d be off. Besides, that will still leave me free to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS when my 18 months is up.

I’ve gone right off the Palm Pre of late, the chronic lack of 3rd party applications is a real turn off plus I’m not convinced the underlying web o/s is any better than Android or the iPhone o/s. I did read on MacWorld today that the Pre will be out in the UK next week, more likely demonstrated and then there will be another delay.


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