Hard resetting

snapper logoWhat a pain that can be. Over the past week I have hard reset my Centro, 680 and Clie TH55 as I got all my old Palm desktop backups mixed up and couldn’t remember which backup belonged to which user ID when changing between pdas. I never restore a backup from the desktop to a device if I’m not sure that backup was created from that device as it can lead to major league  reset prone problems. So, the only sensible option is to start from scratch and lessen the possibility of any hassle. Not exactly great fun.

One of the worst apps to reinstall, purely in the sense of setting things up, is Snappermail as you have to go through the whole adding a new account thing and the app doesn’t allow for cutting and pasting in email details. However, if I know I am going to be resetting a device with Snapper on it then I always back up the app in the Snapper internal settings  (back up on card option) to the sd card and then restore it from there once the device has been hard reset and Snapper reinstalled but not set up. It restores all the account details and messages easily and quickly from there and I’ve never had any problems.

It is also a good idea, when adding back in your apps to do a few at a time and then backup. Then add in some more and back up again and so on. That way, if you get problems you can revert back to a saved backup that was working okay before the iffy app or apps was installed. I also always install Reset Doctor as that saves your preferences so if you have a crash or need to reset then the software remembers all your serial codes and you don’t need to go through that tedious ordeal either.


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