Cheerio Curve 8900…best form factor phone ever

facebookIn order to try and raise money for my next phone purchase, most likely an Android phone, I stuck the Curve on eBay as it hadn’t been used since late June. I have mixed thoughts about this phone but overall won’t miss it much. I loved the excellent keyboard, how light it is, the nice screen, the slimness but won’t miss the decidely iffy build quality. In my view, RIM has got away without a well deserved mauling here for sending out a device with a hugely irritating creaky battery cover and a trackball that seems to go on strike every other week. Build quality is not up to scratch.

That aside though, it just didn’t overall meet my requirements. People rave on about how its class leading email handling. What?! You mean the way you can’t file messages into your IMAP folders on the device, the way you have to press about 4 buttons before it lets you see an email in HTML, the way you can’t create a new IMAP folder? That is class leading is it! RIM has a very different email approach and it is one that just does not suit me.

My mobile email requirements are simple. I want to be able to do everything that I can do on the desktop so that I DON’T have to go to the desktop and sort out my emails each day. The BlackBerry set up does not let you do this. For me, its only advantage of push email has been eroded by push being available far more widely now. It’s great to get fast push email on a BB but not so great to be able to do zip all with it apart from read it.

3rd party software is a mix, I had some very good applications and some very average ones that were only installed as there was no other option in that category. I loved, for example, BerryWeather which is as good a weather app as you will get on any other platform but others were too limited or hadn’t been adapted for the Curve’s higher res screen and as a result the text was tiny or there was some other failing. I also hated this BIS/BES set up as some apps worked on BIS and not on BES and vice versa…

It is a very good phone, has superb battery life and feels great in the hand, the camera was good too but overall it is not a good toy or plaything which is more how I use my phones these days so I think it was probably never going to be that suitable for me in the first place.


One Response to “Cheerio Curve 8900…best form factor phone ever”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Ironic- I have just bought one again:)

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