ToDo PLUS by Hands High Software….very Palm o/s

ToDo PLUS by Hands High Software.

I was using my Centro over the weekend as I like to swop phones around a bit. I get a bit bored using the same one all the time. I’ve been a bit unkind in the past about the Centro mainly because I didn’t feel it raised the bar that much over the Treo 680 and the keyboard is not so hot either in comparison. Boy, is it fast though. It must be the quickest device I have ever used and at times is waaaaaay quicker than my iPhone.

I was looking for a ToDo style application, something with a bit more glitz over the stock one but found very little of note. It’s amazing how some of the old Palm developers, who have not updated their apps for years…and I mean years…are still selling their software for what in the cheap iPhone app-age, are quite ludicrous prices. take ToDo Plus for example…voted best app in its category in ahem…1999, so it is really cutting edge now then. A snip I’m sure at $19.95 if it does the job of course. Looks awfully similar to the stock Tasks app though.

Looking at software on various mobile sites I was taken aback by the cost of some apps, $29.95 for Resco Explorer which you could excuse if it had a desktop app. I’ve nothing against Resco at all, in fact I still use Resco Neeews on a near daily basis and it is wonderful but I’m just using that app as an example of how high prices seem in comparison to other platforms nowadays.


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