Friendz for xbox & iPhone

App Shopper: Friendz (Social Networking).

Friendz is the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the popular mac app. Friendz shows you which of your Xbox Live friends are online on Xbox Live. You can then check what they’re doing, view your messages and send new messages to anyone in your friends list.
(You need a Xbox Live Gold Membership to send messages, but you can still view them with an Xbox Live Silver Membership).

Friendz is different from the other Xbox Live apps because it doesn’t require you to add your friends manually, it will also work if your friends are set to private.

Friendz will also download your friends’ gamer pictures and display them neatly next to the player. That’s great, but what if you have a lot of friends? Even over 3G it would take a while to download everything, so Friendz grabs the gamer pictures in the background and loads them in as they are received. This means you can still see what your friends are doing, even if things are still loading.

Friendz will also send messages in the background, meaning no obtrusive alerts while sending takes place. Friendz will, however, let you know once the message has been sent, just so you can be sure your message has reached the recipient.


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