Yojimbo for mac updated to v2

I hate this when it happens. You buy an app and use it for a while and then something else comes along and you think…this is better…and so you start using it instead. You then build up a whole lot of info inside it. Then, the people behind behind Yojimbo bring out a major new version of the old app you were using and you foolishly download it, just to give it a run out you understand, and find out that it has been improved considerably and some of the reasons why you moved to the other app have been covered in the update.

Darn it. Do you pay the reasonable upgrade or just stick with the other app? There is then the problem of transferring all your bits and bobs back into Yojimbo and you could end up spending a whole computer evening doing nothing else but that. Then what happens? In 5 months time the other app releases a major new release and you end up considering moving back. My problem is I have a major league eye-candy infatuation, if something looks all new and shiny I’m all over it and forget the reasons why I moved away from that app in the first place.

Anyway, this new version of Yojimbo looks nice and plugs some of the gaps that caused me to move to MacJournal but I’m not sure it is enough to win me back, not that they would give two hoots.


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