Managing Text Messaging

App Shopper: Managing Text Messaging (Books).

Would you pay money for this? That section on “riddles” looks invaluable….not.

With the increase in the use of cell phones today, communication has become faster. The telegram of yester years has given way to text massage.

Text messaging is all about dropping unnecessary letters and using symbols to replace entire words. They are also known as text express shortcuts. This book provides tips for easy messaging and contains a compilation of acronyms which are used instead of whole phrases, using just the first letter of each word. The book is an interesting guide to those who would like to convey jokes, one-liners, riddles, through text messaging.

Table of Content..

1. Tips for Easy Messaging
2. Easy Text Symbols
3. Text Messaging
4. Emotions
5. Jokes
6. One Liners
7. Riddles


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