uBar – task bar for the mac

BrawerSoft – Products – uBar.

Finally a task bar for the Mac
If you’ve never really liked the Dock, or have always wanted that one thing that Windows does right, uBar is here to save the day. Finaly Mac users have task bar parity with Windows users.

Switching from Windows to Mac?
uBar is perfect for ensuring a smooth transition from the Windows world to the Mac.

Active development
uBar is actively developed and many future enhancements and upgrades are planned for the future.

Well lookee here, this might help windows users feel more at home and I must just try it out myself, not being a huge fan of the dock and all that….I don’t use it much.


I did try this out but gave up on it quickly as it threw up a nag screen every few minutes which became really irritating. I don’t get it with some developers, I know I haven’t bought the software and don’t need to be reminded every time I use it. Guess what? If I don’t purchase a licence after the trial expires then I’ll not be able to use it….that will also remind me I haven’t bought it. Doh.


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