At it again

QOTD: Mobile PIM? | PDA-247.

As Vic Reeves used to say…”you wouldn’t let it lie”…and those die hard PIMers are at it again at pda247. I think Statto is spot on with his comment. Sales of PIM orientated pda’s and phones declined as consumers moved to more media focussed smartphones. Having limited internet access was the pda killer. Sure, you could tether it with a bit of work to your normal phone and wifi, if you could find it, was an option in some later PDA models but overall these things were getting long in the tooth and died a natural death.

I think WM has been seen as the PIM platform in the last few years and look where that has gotten it. Manufacturers have to go with the flow and the tide is taking them along the music/video/internet route which is good news for people like me and bad news for others. I guess I hardly ever use my iPhone as a phone, I make a few calls a week, have a maximum of 75 contacts in there and make about 2/3 entries in the calendar at most per day. There’s no need for me to sync Outlook/Exchange or any of that fancy dan power stuff.

I was tempted to get out my Clie TH55 again, just to test the purportedly amazing calendar referred to in the post but then I remembered how I abandoned it quickly in favour of the the standard Palm calendar app as it was trying to be too clever for its own good.


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