Sometimes one feature makes or breaks a smartphone | PDA-247

Sometimes one feature makes or breaks a smartphone | PDA-247.

agenda one for wm5PIM is only one aspect of a smartphone, it is very important to some (we know because they bang on about it and then bang on about it again!!) when they probably knew on day one that PIM on an iPhone (primarily a media device), whilst satisfactory for many who are able to get on with their lives without needing to document every single event that may or may not happen in the next 72 hours, is not going to be anywhere near satisfactory for them. I’m glad and relieved my life is not so well documented and rigid that I need to know today what I will be doing at 2.40pm on the 17th of September. Phew. Why use a phone that is so crap at a feature you use heavily and then be surprised at some point down the line?

I think some people need to accept that a feature which may be critical to them may not….gasp…matter one jot to the majority of other users. No smartphone is perfect and most likely none will ever be. If PIM is so poor on the iPhone then why move to it in the first place? Probably because one feature or another wasn’t up to scratch with the previous smartphone. I can get on just fine with the iPhone calendar as I don’t need it to do much for me. I sure don’t need it to be able to sync my contacts to my coffee maker nor does it have to send me a notification everytime someone changes their underpants. I’m not having a go at anyone in particular here, it is more a general thing about how some accentuate the negative and minimise the positive and believe that a certain manufacturer should improve one aspect of the software because that’s what the 2% who shout loud enough want.

All this “wasn’t the Revo the greatest PDA in the history of mankind” stuff also gets on my nerves. We all get misty eyed and doleful when recalling previous and ex-favourite phones/pda’s but that’s what they are, ex-phones and they are ex-phones because compared to what is on offer now, they are poor. The Revo may have been great for PIM and had a great keyboard but it was crap, compared to todays breed, at most everything else.  Remember the joys of trying to get the damn thing connected to the internet or how your eyes get really sore looking at that awful greyscale screen? I loved my Treo 680, heck I still do, but I abandoned it 8 months ago because I was sick of its lack of 3g, wifi, non-hires screen etc etc etc. Mind you, if it was a bit thinner and had wifi I’d probably still be using it.


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