Apple answers the FCC | PDA-247

Apple answers the FCC | PDA-247.

You should read this post and the bit at the end. This is from a guy who claims he doesn’t have anything against Apple yet used to work for Microsoft, writes PC games, has 3 anti-Apple posts on his opening page and feels the need to obviously spend about a whole day penning a post about a company he doesn’t have anything against. Good grief, you could understand his annoyance if he used an iPhone but he appears to be using an Android phone, which of course allows Google Voice. I’d hate to read anything he writes about a company he really doesn’t like. I’m always wary of people who start off claiming to be Mr Neutral.

He may well be completely correct in everything he says, I have no idea and don’t feel inclined to find out otherwise. I do however wish that Apple would just allow the application in and admit defeat as it doesn’t really do them any good appearing like the Gestapo.

Just some more comments though from this guy, remember he is trying to come across as Mr Neutral

“…it’s the Apple I’ve been observing pretty closely for almost a quarter-century, now”- (Nothing against Apple though of course)

“Their whole rep, post-seventies, is based on their almost-successful attempt to convince the world they invented the GUI/Mouse computer and be the only company allowed to sell computers like that. They failed at it. That isn’t noble, it’s been a constant relief to me, actually, since” – (not bitter then thank goodness)

“…I can do anything I want on my phone, and you can’t on an iPhone. You can’t even send me a text with a picture attached, for god’s sake. What kind of asshole company does *that?*” – (mine’s bigger than yours scenario)

My goodness me, it can’t be easy being a full time berk.


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