Win Mob in “most flexible” o/s shocker

Take a look at this post from pda-247 and see whether you agree. Sometimes a huge choice of hardware and “customisation options” can be a drawback….too much choice and all that. It is easy to forget sometimes, as geeky smartphone users, that having to spend 2 days setting up a phone is not that attractive to the vast majority of potential phone buyers and probably never  has or will be. My definition of “geeky” is “likes to fiddle about” and that is part of the appeal for Win Mo users.

toshg1orangelaunch1Windows Mobile may be the most “flexible” but does that fully compensate the casual user from what at times can be a difficult learning curve….it is of course debatable.  Along with the iPhone platform it has in my view the best range of software available to it, way better than BlackBerry and Symbian for example but again, how many casual users would regard that as being an important factor?

Shaun mentions the pretty factor of Android and iPhone and people needing to look beyond that. Is there much difference looks wise or screen UI wise betwen those two and the latest HTC Win Mob devices? Not much especially when you consider that the latest Android Hero phone is made by HTC and has much of the home screen look of their Win Mob handsets. The Hero could well be a WM phone looks wise whilst the big HTC Touch HD has the looks and feel of an iPhone about it. HTC have purposefully raised the eye candy factor with their recent WM devices to compete and I don’t think people are dismissing them, if they are, on the basis of looking plain, far from it as some of them are very attractive devices. I often look longingly at the choice of form factors available on other platforms and wish the same were available for the iPhone but I’m now at the stage, and I keep boring everyone with this, that it is not the form factor or shape anymore it is the ease of use and applications that matter most. I’ve made too many duff buys in the past few years, especially re Win Mob and Symbian phones, on the basis of the devices looking great but have been sadly let down/disappointed by them when it came to actually use them on a daily basis.

Flexible has never equalled best or most useful or easiest to use in the eyes of Joe Bloggs and is unlikely to ever either.


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