PS3 v xbox 360

PS3It’s been a few months now since I bought the PS3 and I have been very pleased with it. Initially, it was an odd feeling getting to grips with the new style controller but now it feels just fine. In fact, its more compact size is more appealing now than the bulkier xbox one. I feel the PS3 has some advantages for me over Microsoft’s finest. For starters, it is virtually whisper quiet whereas the xbox chugs and wheezes and that incessant whirring noise is both annoying and worrying. A second advantage is that the PS3 has built in wifi whereas you have to buy the xbox add on and it is not cheap at £59. I get a much better and stronger signal too when connected to my home network on the Sony console and it has not dropped yet. Getting a signal on the xbox xould be hit or miss. I never used xbox Live so not having that is not a miss for me but for many who are addicted to online gaming then the PS3 is still well behind on that front. Could be a deal breaker for many…..

Games-wise, most of the newer releases are available for both consoles so it is not such a big deal now. Console exclusives do not appear to be so prevalent these days and there is not a game coming out soon that I wish to get that will not be out on the PS3. Obviously, the Blu Ray support is appealing and is a big advantage at the moment, it is just a pity that the film discs remain so expensive. One annoying PS feature relates to the demo discs that come with the “official” UK mags. On the xbox you just needed to shove the DVD in the drive, pick your demo and start playing whereas on the PS you need to download the game first to the hard drive, which can take 2/3 minutes, then install it onto the hard drive before playing. I don’t understand why you can’t just play it straight off the disc? Graphically, I don’t notice any discernible difference between games on either console in terms of visual quality but I have fewer “crashes” when playing on the PS3.

One other factor that may be relevant is that there is a better choice of xbox themed iPhone apps. I downloaded one the other days that links to my xbox live account. It shows stats such as games played, achievements and you can browse stuff for sale/download. There is nothing similar for the PS3. For those of you who use a mac there is little or no inbuilt help for streaming music and video but luckily NullRiver software offer solutions for both. I’ve tried 360 Connect with the xbox and it worked quite well but have not tried their MediaLink PS3 software yet. To be honest, this is an area I should make more use of but can’t be bothered or just aren’t interested enough. I did however burn a cd full of images an loaded it up on the PS3. The pics looked amazing, too amazing in fact for my wife’s liking as she complained they were too “detailed” which is testament to the quality of the PS I suppose.

I have had problems with xbox reliability down the years, three have needed to be replaced but the PS3 also went back after a few weeks as it just packed up. This is unusual apparantly. I read a post from one of the gaming sites very recently, can’t recall where, which suggested there is a 53% failure rate with the 360 console which if true, is fairly damning on Microsoft. The same arti cle suggested it was less than 10% on the PS3. Just also read too that Sony have announced the PS3 “slim” which looks like a winner both on looks and price.


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