iPhone SDK adventures

Blimey, I set off at the end of last week with great enthusiasm and gusto but as you would no doubt have expected things soon ground to a halt. Not really my fault either.

apple-sdk-158Firstly, I had to download the SDK which was easier said than done. The download was over 3gb in size and then when I opened it up I was met with the message that I needed to update the OS to the latest version. That was 400mb plus too if I recall. That download was then done and I then finally managed to get the SDK installed and running. By this time it was nearly 10.30pm and I called it a night. Just shows you though how you can start out full of “go”, ready to get “in there” and then the fates conspire against you and you get all bogged down in boring system updates etc etc.

The next night was even worse. I’d remembered reading on various sites that the updater had caused some wifi/Airport issues on some laptops but scoffed at the notion of it affecting me and my trusty MacBook. Oooops. Think again buddy. It would connect, then not connect, then connect then not connect. Highly annoying and I wished I hadn’t bothered doing the OS updater. Things were thus further delayed by my having to seek out the Airport updater, download it and then restart the Airport base station.  By this time, again it was late-ish and I had to abandon any plans to start my new app adventure.

The next evening I finally got down to business and managed to get the SDK kit open and with the book to hand started learning the basics, the extremely basics. I soon realised that I would need to seek out more info on some basic programming stuff so I headed over to the Apple developer site to download some tutorials which I transferred via InstaPaper to the iPhone for future reference. And that is where I stand at this point in time. I must admit that what I have seen so far has lessened my ardour a bit for the task in hand, I’ve had a few sinking feeling moments in the past few days but I intend to press on and see what develops, if you will pardon the pun.

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  1. Statto Says:

    Ah, yes, but when you release that 59p “murraylist” app into the app store and people start downloading it by the zillion, it’ll all be worth it!

    Seriously, stick at it, but watch your download limit 😉

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