App Shopper: TwitMusic (Social Networking)

App Shopper: TwitMusic (Social Networking).

Twitter is taking over the world…it’s just a pity they can’t seem to manage to maintain a working connection these days.

Wouldn’t you like to join a new music style?

TwitMusic is a very simple Twitter client app for you to tweet the song title, artist and the music genre you are listening to right now.

Run TwitMusic to load the information of the song you are listening to. When the next song starts playing, shake your iPhone to load the song information. Also, read button will load song information from your Music Library.

Wouldn’t you like to share information with users with the same taste as you and join a new music life style, including those of you who still haven’t started Twitter?

・ Welcomes you with a smart, simple interface.
・ As simple as: Start App -> Access song info -> Tweet
・ Access the song title, musician, genre etc., of the song you’re listening to and tweet it.
・ When it goes to the next song after starting the app, shake your iPhone to load the song info.
・ Even when you are not listening to music, you can tweet about a song from selecting the song from your Music Library.


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