Newsstand updated

Just when I was starting to really enjoy using iNews as my preferred RSS reader on the iPhone, Newsstand goes and throws a googly by getting a nice UI update. God bless ’em, they have finally realised that having the “next” article button in the top right hand corner is not helpful for one handed useage and have wisely moved it down to where it should be….bottom middle of the screen. They now also claim to have true Google Reader syncing and there is a very attractive, glossy looking icon. I still think you need an extra button press over iNews to get about your feeds though although the changes made are certainly an improvement.

You can also add in some nice new eye candy in the shape of having the article preview display the post image which looks tasty and gives you an idea of the content I guess. Just noticed you can also add in your Twitter mentions and friends as a feed.

I know Statto still regards Newsstand as numero uno on the RSS front for the iPhone and for me it is only a tad behind iNews. Either way, you really can’t go far wrong with either of these apps which both boast Twitter integration.

Updated again…

Just noticed that Newsstand has InstaPaper integration too so you can transfer automatically articles to that application. Very useful again for storing posts you may wish to keep such as tips/product reviews/troubleshooting for later reference.

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One Response to “Newsstand updated”

  1. Statto Says:

    Actually I’m still using iNews. Did go back to the updated Newsstand, but the thing that swung it iNews way was Newsstand not having a “search” facility.
    It’s on a knife edge though.

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