iPhone SDK…here I come, sort of

Iphone sdk book I know you guys know that I have no programming skills whatsoever having never dabbled in programming before. Well today that could all change for I have purchased, at great cost (£31 actually), this book here and I intend to follow the book and try and make my own iPhone application. It will be a simple todo style bit of software but whether I get there is a different matter. At the very worst it will keep me occupied for a while or until I realise it is beyond my capabilities. The book unfortunately assumes that you have some basic programming experience, which I do not. Could be a problem.

I'm the sort of person who likes to have something on the go after work, in the evening. Last year it was doing a crash course in Spanish then I had to study for an exam and now…this. We are planning to go to France next year for our holidays so I will do a French DIY language course if that happens.

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One Response to “iPhone SDK…here I come, sort of”

  1. Statto1927 Says:

    Bon chance mon ami

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