Instapaper for iPhone

Another of my mini-reviews that nobody ever reads or pays a blind bit of attention to….probably with good reason too.

Anyway, on we go…..

Instapaper is an application for the iphone wot u can by on the AppStore and it is good.

You want more?


Instapaper What can it be used for? Basically it is an offline website reader I suppose. You install the "Read Later" bookmark on your mac or PC (I think it is PC too) and the Instapaper application on your iPhone and when you come across a website you wish to read later or just store then press the "Read Later" button, sync your iPhone via wifi and by the magic of wireless technology that website will appear on your iPhone. You can choose to import it with or without the graphics and there is free version of Instapaper, with ads, and a paid "Pro" version, without ads, with folder support, tilt scrolling that works smoothly and a bookmarking facility. I went with the paid app, it is under £2, as I hate with a vengeance applications that have adverts on them, free or not. Plus it is a damn good app and the developer deserves his keep.

It all sounds very simple and it is but it is so much more than just a fancy RSS type reader. It is the perfect place to store information off the web on your iPhone. Previously I had been cutting and pasting from sites into my NoteMaster application, which was fine but articles display much better in Instapaper as the text is bigger. I bought this a week ago and already have about 60 articles stored for reference and have been using it a lot as it is so easy to use.

Very much recommended.

3 Responses to “Instapaper for iPhone”

  1. Statto1927 Says:

    I read them!

  2. iDoogie Says:

    I read the reviews! Yesterday I got iNews and today I got Instapaper – both on your recommendation. They go together very well indeed. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hiram Says:

    I read your review as well – although several months later .

    I’ve got both Instapaper as well as iNews and am currently trying to figure out what each is best at.

    Keep writing, even if no one appears to be reading. You never know who’s lunking out there!


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