Total ToDo

Total todo iphone Finding a suitable todo style application has proved difficult for me. For a long time I used "Things" but it started to annoy me as once you were burrowing down through your lists there was no simple one-touch button to take you straight back to the main page, well none that I could see anyway. Instead, you need a few screen presses to head back to it. Plus, I'm not that keen on apps that don't show you all your task categories on page one when the app is launched. Too many have that GTD look with all those poncy "someday" and "projects" stuff plus take too many screen taps to enter tasks, in my view anyway. If I see the words "life balance" or "project" in a app description I frankly run a mile.

Nope, I just want an application that you can set up on the front page a list of categories and then enter tasks quickly inside them. I don't need "tags" or superflous things like that but the ability to set a due date, if needed, and to make a task stand out in the list, if needed, would be good.

So, I tried out loads of apps over a dew days and most I found to be cumbersome. I did however like an app called Smart Todo which allows you to add new tasks from the launch screen, there's a novel idea, but lacks category support. Still, it is free and makes adding simple reminders very easy.

I ended up buying Total Todo though as it lets you set up categories or lists as the app calls them and if you wish a due date and/or priority can be set. It won't do for many there is no doubt about that but I like the overall no frills approach. Tasks that are important show with a red star next to them which visually distinguishes them and you can sort them in several different ways. Some won't like the fact you can't pick which type of tasks show on the icon badge, it's all or nothing and you won't get use of the v3 software to set up reminder notifications either. You can however re-order the task list on the opening page, set up Templates (not sure of the value of this one though as the lists are intrinsically basic) and there is a "notes" field in the task set up pane. There is also a "percentage complete" option although again it seems a bit pointless as the percentage complete does not in fact show up in the list view…..odd that.

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