Duplication on my iPhone

1passowrd I've been really silly of late. I have a batch of similar apps on the iPhone, 2 password managers, 3 RSS readers, 2 database apps and 3 different weather programmes. I had real trouble deciding between StoreIt and TapForms and ended up making entries in both apps to the extent where I had databases in both for my games collection, films seen list, banking details and a database for my customers at work. Replicating both lists and keeoing them up to date in both applications was time consuming and less than fun. I just needed to make a decision, hardly the most important one in life, yet I found myself thinking about it when walking to work, making the tea and having a tommy tiddle in the toilet. Good grief. It was getting really silly so I finally decided to go with StoreIt but not before making up a database listing the pros and cons of both apps.

Likewise with my RSS readers. I had used Newsstand for yonks but for for some reason decided a month ago to try out a few more. When you start doing that you give yourself a dilemna, too much choice. I was happy with Newsstand but the grass is always greener and all that. Thing is, some of the ones I tried out were better in some respects but not as good in other areas and not one was so superior that picking it was an obvious decision. I would use one for a few days, go back to Newsstand with a contented feeling then try something else, use it for a day then delete it and redownload Newsstand again…and on and on and on. It was getting daft. Too often I use an app that has 3 really good features and one thing that is annoying and then I try another one and it is good at the 'annoying" thing that application number 1 does but doesn't do something as well as app 1 in another area.

As for password managers….I had been using 1Password for a while mainly because I also have the desktop app on my mac and had been entering all my logins, serial numbers etc into that over the past 6 months to the point where I had what I reckoned was a definitive collection of all my important info. Syncing between the mac and iPhone apps was dead simple. But of course that was too easy so I then tried out SafeWallet and as it has no mac syncing software I had to manually copy files over from 1 Password…that was fun…not. It would have been okay of course if I were not to buy any more software or register on any more websites but that was never going to happen so of course as new software was bought etc I then had to keep both apps up to date. One had to go and it was the excellent SafeWallet, which I actually still prefer but it has no mac syncing……

So, to cut down on the amount of time I waste duplicating info between apps I have decided to stick with StoreIt, 1Password and Newsstand….for now and/or until something newer and shinier comes out. Anybody else as daft as me?

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One Response to “Duplication on my iPhone”

  1. Statto1927 Says:

    Got 3 weather apps – the default one, deluxe weather and weather pro. Weather Pro is my fave.
    Got 4 notes apps. The default one, YouNote, Evernote and Notes. I’d like to like Evernote, but struggling to get on with it. Appigo’s Notes is the best and I quite like it. YouNote is OK but doesn’t sync with anything
    Got 2 solitaire progs, but deleted Sol Free in favour of the great Astraware Solitaire pack.
    Shame you can’t delete default progs. There’s a few I’d like to get rid of….

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