iPod non story

I am surprised to read some sites making a big deal out of this story as if there is some major skullduggery going on. Any minor titbit of news re an Apple faux pax seems to get latched on to as evidence of the forthcoming return of the Nazi Party.
Oh look, I dropped my plasma TV out of the window and the screen cracked, then, when I plugged it back into the power socket it blew up. I took it back to Currys and they gave me a full refund…..not.
Ian, from Random Dumber Generator, sums it up rather well….

“Well would you believe it, a Liverpool family had their iPod Touch explode (after it had been dropped mind) and Apple agreed to refund its purchase on the agreement of a standard non-disclosure clause. Somehow this has been morphed into a gagging order by the family involved and the red tops.

What utter garbage. Exactly what were Apple trying to gag? The fact that they refunded an item of electronic equipment that had failed after being subjected to an impact when legally they probably had no need to do so? Wow that’s going to have the legislators rocking… Or not.

Lets face it, this is a non-story. Lithium based batteries are more volatile than other types, at worst Apple could be accused of not making that clear in their user instructions. To be honest though anyone who drops electronic equipment is going to be lucky if they come away damage free. We all do it. Not all of us moaning to the press about it though…”

And another thing, “gagging orders” can only be formally issued in this country via a lawyer and the letter came from Apple…therefore technically it was not a gagging order.

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