newsfire rss.pngBig changes here as NetNewsWire for mac gets updated with a completely new look and interface and more importantly for some, integration with Google Reader. I downloaded the new version, which is just a beta, and am not convinced it is better than the old version. I find the two pane look harder to navigate around but perhaps that will come with useage.
On top of this, there will be a revised version of the iPhone application available soonish which hopefully will be less bare bones than the current one. Sometimes it seems like Google is taking over the world but I can hardly complain as I use Gmail, Google Reader and GCal myself. What would happen if they suddenly made these paid for apps?
Still, I have been using Byline on the iPhone of late as it offers Google Reader syncing. I find this useful but of more import is the fact that I can keep a centralised list of my RSS subscriptions.


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