Fergie says Man City are a small club

I don’t know why Sir Alex is tempting fate by making such statements and as a chap with City tendancies I am hoping it comes back to haunt him big style. I used to revere the man when he was Aberdeen manager but that was a long time ago and going to a club like Man Utd, whom I have always disliked, was a pretty quick way to terminate that affection.
City have been pants for years and have not lifted a major trophy since 1976. Other two club cities have had much closer rivalries where both teams have had success on and off since then….Everton/Liverpool, Arsenal/Spurs, Celtic/Rangers etc etc which makes City’s plight even more depressing.
It would be great for me to see City posing a challenge next season to the cosy big four and ram Fergie’s words right back down his throat.

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